About The Author

Kristen Neumann is twenty years old and has big dreams of the future. Her biggest passion is talking to young women about Jesus and life and hopes to make a career out of it!

Kristen grew up on her family’s Farm in rural Alberta, Canada-where she currently still resides. IMG_5242

Though she hopes to one day get married, she is enjoying her single life to the fullest participating in church activities, writing on her blog and baking up a storm in her kitchen! (Which is generally where you’ll find her on her days off!) She is also a very passionate bookworm! 

Kristen founded Unfading Beauty Ministries at the young age of sixteen years old. With prayer and lots of hard work and with the help of Christ, she has gotten to watch it blossom into something she never would have imagined!

While Kristen is a writer, she also participates vocally at church events both musically as well as has spoken. (If you would like to hear Kristen sing-or speak-click HERE!)

Fun Facts about Kristen: She used to play clarinet in her high school band, she LOVES dark  and white chocolate, her favorite sport is baseball and she is only a mere five feet tall-which is why she  can commonly be found wearing some form of high heeled shoes! Also, her favorite color is Pink.



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