Speaking Inquiries

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Topics Kristen Speaks on Include:

  • Biblical Womanhood for Young Women
  • Being a Christian in the Modern Society
  • Modern Modesty- See ‘The Heart of Modesty’ Series for an idea as to topics that are included
  • God’s Faithfulness in all Seasons of Life
  • Sharing Her Testimony and How That has shaped her Faith (Please feel free to contact for an outline of her Testimony!)
  • If there is a topic you have in mind that isn’t listed, please feel free to ask about it!

If you are interested in having Kristen speak at your church or women’s event, please feel free to e-mail unfadingbeauty77@gmail.com for more information by filling out the form at the end of the page! 

Please note: if you would like for Kristen to speak  at your event, you will need to cover travel costs as well as room and board-providing room and board is necessary.